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Self-published authors and local makers - Information and enquiry form

Library Shop philosophy

The Library Shop acknowledges the value and importance of the local writing community. We are also proud to champion stories and creativity from throughout Queensland.

Stories are central to who we are as people - our culture, our heritage and our future, and those people who possess the skill and passion to commit those stories, both real and imagined, to paper are vital to Queensland and beyond.

We are equally inspired by our sunshine state's creatives and makers - those who tell their stories through handmade items wrought with craft and skill.

Therefore, the Library Shop is never without a proud array of self- and locally- published books, and locally made jewelry and giftware on its shelves.

How do I get my own book or product on the Library Shop's shelves?

The Library Shop receives a large volume of enquiries from local and self-published authors and suppliers every year. We endeavor to look at each and every enquiry, and in order to do that fairly we ask that all enquiring authors and makers fill in the form below.

Of course, it is not possible to stock every vendor's product - we hope you understand that.  We have certain criteria that, while not requisite, often help us to decide what to stock. For instance:
  • Does the product tell a Queensland story?
  • Does the book have a Queensland setting?
  • Is the author/maker from, or based in, Queensland?
  • Is the book of a genre that is popular with the Library Shop's customer base?

What are the terms by which the Library Shop will stock my product?

  • The Library Shop requires all new self-published product to be stocked by us on a consignment basis. 
  • The Library Shop will agree to hold those consigned products for a minimum of 6 months, after which they may:
    • request an invoice for sold copies and return unsold copies to the author
    • request an invoice for sold copies and that the Library Shop continue to stock the books until one or more parties choose otherwise.
  • The Library Shop will not review any submitted author/maker enquiry forms between 1 September and 31 December.

Enquiry form

Please be reminded that the Library Shop receives a high volume of author enquiries.  We appreciate your patience and will contact you as soon as we can.

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