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Vancouver is the story Paul would tell if he were living in plague timesa story that comforts, a story that wards of evil. His story is about the giant that influenced his life, its about the day the world changed, and its about what happens when our giants come tumbling down. Think, any one of Giovanni Boccaccios stories from, Decameron."This floored me. The format is a game changer and the linked novellas combine to create the best book I've read in 12 years, since David Mitchells Cloud Atlas.

Earls has never had his due but if this doesnt get incredible press from here to Timbuktu, then publishing truly is broken. Or maybe he just fixed it, because Wisdom Tree is a transcendent wonder. " Chris Flynn, author of Tiger in Eden and The Glass Kingdom "Nick Earls is one of Australia's most quietly perceptive writers, and this loosely linked quintet of novellas proves just how observant he is on the ways of contemporary life. Work, family, failure and persistence are the major themes. After finishing the novellas I came away moved, contemplative and appreciative of the power of a well turned novella to convey ideas beyond its word count Unreservedly recommended." Lindy Jones, Abbeys Bookshop

ISBN: 9780994480804
Author: Earls,Nick
Publication date: 01/07/2016
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 157mm X 120mm

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