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2017 Library Shop Staff Picks

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Christmas is fast approaching, and the Library Shop is starting the season by looking back over 2017 and celebrating our favourite items. Find your next festive gift by exploring what our shop Staff have loved over the year.

Staff Picks


The Complete Uxbridge English Dictionary

The FUNNIEST book you will see all year. I am not exaggerating. Pick it up and prove me wrong. I dare you.



Column of Fire – Ken Follett

Adventure, intrigue and romance abound in Folletts new historical epic. As usual, he’s managed to take grand, sweeping fiction and make in unput-downable.


The Square and the Tower – Niall Ferguson

Controversial, but always informed and compulsively readable. Here Ferguson discusses history’s previous ‘social networks’ and their prominent role in the progress and upheavals of the past.


The Faber Book of Christmas – Simon Rae

Following on from Simon Raes Faber Book of Murder, this is a gloriously eclectic celebration of Christmas in all of its frivolous and sentimental splendour.


Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman uses his extraordinary storytelling skills to re-tell the Norse legends through the eyes of Thor and Loki leading up to Ragnarok.


Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Carry On is an enigmatic and relatable experience. I recommend to writers, nerds, fanction lovers and authors – if you enjoy such things (and some magic too) you will love this hilarious and dark look at why being “the chosen one” sucks.


Tug of War  - Naomi Howarth

A book full of beautiful pictures of animals and their surroundings with a modern fable.


Accusation - Bandi

A fascinating insight into a real- life dystopia. Amazing book!


Built on Bones – Brenna Hassett

What did we eat 10,000 years ago? Bio-archaeologist Brenna Hassett takes us on historic  journey using the data from fossilised teeth to re-tell the tales of how we lived, ate and died.


Brisbane: Relaxation, Recreation and Rock 'n' Roll - Brisbane History Group

Within these pages is something to entertain every reader who has an interest in Brisbane's past.